Patented Technology

Since 1989, Suparule has used its considerable technical skills and resources to develop a number of unique technologies. These technologies have been patented and are now trademarked as SMF Technology™ (Suparule Magnetic Field Technology). The technologies are based on the measurement of the magnetic and electric fields generated from a current carrying conductor. The unique advantage of SMF Technology™ is that measurement is done non-invasively and the sensor rejects interference from other external fields. The solutions are achieved at a significantly lower cost, with higher accuracy levels than conventional measurement solutions.

There are six unique technologies:

Suparule Licences Intellectual Property

The Suparule technologies are made available to potential partners to integrate the patented technologies into new and existing industrial applications, through licensing & partnership deals. The company has an experienced Engineering team, which is available to explain the technologies in detail, and to assist in the transfer of the know-how to new partners (see partners section of web-site).

Below are examples of products developed in conjunction with existing partners: