AC Current Measurement in Multi-Core Cable

Existing methods of measuring ac current, e.g. the current transformer, are limited to measuring the current in a single core. If a multi-core cable is passed through the core, the CT will measure zero, as the total magnetic field generated by the cable will be zero.

The SMF Flexiclamp technology can measure the current in each conductor by sensing the magnetic field at multiple points, and combining this information with the information about the distance between the conductors, as well as the distance from each sensor to each conductor.

The obvious and unique advantage of the technology is that it enables accurate measurement of current in multi-core cables without the need to strip and separate out the individual conductors within the cable.

Key Benefits

  • Measures ac current in multi-core cables
  • Non-invasive, i.e. no need to strip and separate individual conductors
  • Unique technology
  • Accuracy to better than 5% error
  • Suitable for wide range of applications, eg. hand-held meter, process automation, etc.

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