Low Current Measurement in High Magnetic Field Environment

A new application has been identified for the Suparule Planar Magnetic Current Sensor technology. This involves the measurement of very low currents (down to 250uA) in an environment where there are conductors carrying up to 150A within a distance as short as 25cm.

The image above shows such an application where the sensor is used to measure leakage current across an insulator used to mount HV conductors to supporting pylons. The PMCS-based sensor is mounted on the non-HV side of the insulator. The PMCS technology senses the low-level leakage currents, while rejecting interference caused by the magnetic and electrical fields associated with the high current-carrying HV conductor.


This application allows the sensor to be used to monitor such leakage current, which can then be wirelessly forwarded to a control centre tasked with monitoring deteriation in the insulating effects of the insulator, thereby helping to implement timely maintenance before costly flash-overs occur.