Remote Current Sensing on Overhead Power Lines

An innovative new technology for sensing currents in medium (MV) and high (HV) voltage power lines at a safe distance from the wires has been developed and patented as SMF Technology™. Instruments can be installed on poles outside the ‘hot zone’ around the wires (i.e. three meters down from the conductors).

These can measure the current in each individual conductor in real time and can feed this information to a range of backend applications.


Key Benefits

  • Low-cost, quick and convenient, non-contact measurement of line currents.
  • Suitable for any combination of current behaviour, wire geometry, and number of wires.
  • Real-time measurement of individual phase currents, individual phase angles, positive, negative and zero sequence currents, harmonics, wave shapes and frequency.
  • Accuracy to less than 5% error.

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