Shielded Leakage Current Sensor with SMF Technology

Suparule has developed a new sensor technology which will enable the measurement of a extremely low currents in conductors which are subject to very large current pulses, e.g. power lines subjected to lightning strikes.

The sensor is based on the existing SMF Technology PMCS sensor, consisting of a number of planar magnetic coils arranged in a circle around the conductor being measured. Innovative methods for increasing the signal pickup to measure currents less than 0.1mA have been added, as well as a method for distribution of the high voltages caused by large current spikes. The sensor is housed in a metal shield which filters out the high frequency current spikes associated with lightning strikes.

Key Benefits

  • Measurement of low currents in harsh environment
  • Filtering of effects of lightning strike
  • Measurement to less than 0.1mA
  • Accurate

Click Here for a detailed description of the technology.