Cable Height Meter

Cable Height Meter

The Suparule Cable Height Meter is a handheld meter for measurement of cable sag, cable height, and overhead clearance, a safe alternative to telescopic ranging sticks. The Suparule Cable Height Meter utilises ultrasonic signals to determine the height of overhead cables up to 23m (75feet). The optional DT80 Dynamic Target enables the CHM300DT version Cable Height Meter to also measure horizontal distances to a diameter of more than 80m (260ft).

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Used by Utility, Telecom, Cable TV Installers, Heavy Construction, Contractors, Haulage Companies to measure:

  • Cable sag
  • Cable height, lowest cable and spacing between cables, up to six cables
  • Overhead clearance
Suparule proprietary design, with proven reliability.
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Key features include:

  • Measures up to 23m (75ft)
  • Easy to use with LCD Display, one man,one button operation
  • Long life battery capable of 50,000 measurements
  • Auto power off after 3 minutes

Additional Features of CHM300DT and DT80:

  • Horizontal as well as vertical measurement
  • Measures horizontally to a diameter of over 80m
  • Further facilitates sag measurement and location of mid-span