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February 10, 2012
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A focus on developing patents and innovating new products means Limerick-based company Suparule Systems sells to over 30 countries worldwide.

LIMERICK-BASED company Suparule Systems has been involved in the development of major electrical infrastructure projects throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the past 23 years. It specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of electronic test and measurement instruments for technical personnel in the utility, industrial, construction and commercial sectors.

“Our start-up focus was heavily based on product research and development (R&D). As a result of our extensive R&D programme, Suparule Systems is now a leading innovator and manufacturer within the electrical utility market,” says business development director, BarryO’Donoghue.

“The majority of our products are sold through a global distribution network,which now services over 30countriesworldwide,to power utility companies. ”

Over the past 12 years Suparule has developed a variety of unique patented technologies based on the measurement of the magnetic and electric fields generated from a current-carrying conductor.

“The unique advantage of the technologies is that measurement is donen on-invasively and the sensor rejects interference from other external fields.The solutions are achieved at a significantly lower cost,with higher accuracy levels than conventional solutions,” O’Donoghue explains.

The Suparule technologies are made available to potential partners to promote the patented technologies into new and existing industrial applications. This is done through licensing and partnership deals to a variety of international companies such as Tyco Electronics, LEM Group and Megger.

Suparule is the world leader when it comes to hand-held ultrasonic measurement, according to O’Donoghue.

Its product, the Cable Height Meter, is a hand-held meter for measurement of cable sag, cable height, and overhead clearance and is a safe alternative to telescopic ranging sticks. It uses ultrasonic signals to determine the height of overhead cables up to 23metres high.

Suparule has also developed cable fault indicators to detect earth faults and short circuit faults on underground cables.

“Over the past eight years the firm has been successfully selling these underground fault indicators to the Middle East and South Africa and is now a major provider to these marketplaces,” says O’Donoghue.

Suparule is currently conducting a feasibility study with the aid of Enterprise Ireland focused on its next-generation range of products based around smart grid technology.

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